Genealogy Nova Scotia Seeks To Fill The Void

Written by Brian Hurlburt on December 5th, 2010

We hope to develop a Community of Bloggers, Family Researchers, and Genealogists, “Helping find the missing needle in the haystack!” By sharing information openly, honestly, and publicly, we believe we can accomplish more in less time and use the synergy that this will create to over come our road blocks and find the missing people in our family trees.


Welcome to Genealogy Nova Scotia

Written by Brian Hurlburt on November 26th, 2010

Genealogy Nova Scotia has come about after 20 years of Family History and Genealogical Research by Site owner Brian Hurlburt. It is our hope that together we can help overcome those Road Blocks, find some of the Ghosts, and others who were seemingly abducted and disappeared! We all have people in our family trees who we wish we could find out more about. Hopefully this Site will become helpful in doing so. If we do, then we’ve accomplished our mission of “Helping find the missing needle in the haystack!”