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Genealogy Nova Scotia Seeks To Fill The Void

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Some may question what void we’re trying to fill!

Not surprising really, after all there are hundreds of Sites, thousands of search results, and millions of links, readily available to researchers of  family history,  and genealogy, in and and pertaining to nova Scotia!

So what void can we possibly fill, what purpose can we possibly have, that is not already being met somewhere else!?

The answer is nearly as robust as the question!

We hope to develop a Community of Bloggers, Family Researchers, and Genealogists, “Helping find the missing needle in the haystack!”

By sharing information openly, honestly, and publicly, we believe we can accomplish more in less time and use the synergy  that this will create to over come our road blocks and find the missing people in our family trees.

Recently reported Holocaust Survivors Reunite In S. Fla. After 65 Years these were a couple of cousins separated at Schindler’s concentration camp in Poland during WW II. Using resources such as The American Red Cross War Victims Tracing Center allowed these two to reunite.

Holocaust Survivors Groups have began to combine their efforts and by doing so are having far reaching impact into the effectiveness and success in brining people together!

The JewishGen’s Holocaust Global Registry a central database of and for Holocaust Survivors and their families, is already responsible for re-connecting several families after more than 60 years of separation.

Imagine what can happen if we take the same approach with our Family History and Genealogical Research!

Our work may not be as important as reuniting Holocaust Survivors and their families, but it may be a way for us to better reconnect to our pasts, ourselves, and own families.

I  believe that by taking this approach to Genealogy and Family History we can accomplish far more together  than we ever could on our own as Family Researchers and Genealogists.

Together, working as one, toward a common goal, we’ll all benefit by “Helping find the missing needle in the haystack!”

It is with this in mind that we invite you to contact us, share with us, contribute to our Blog,
or perhaps even have us create a Blog for You!

Please send email correspondence to:

“Helping find the missing needle in the haystack!”

Welcome to Genealogy Nova Scotia

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Welcome  to Genealogy Nova Scotia; we’re here to help provide guidance, resources, and information to those who are from Nova Scotia, have Ancestry of Relatives linked to Nova Scotia,  or have an interest in helping those of us who do.

Genealogy Nova Scotia has come about after 20 years of Family History and Genealogical Research by Site owner Brian  Hurlburt. It is our hope that  together we can help overcome those Road Blocks, find  some of the Ghosts, and others who were seemingly  abducted and disappeared! We all have people in our family trees who  we wish we could find out more about. Hopefully this Site will become helpful in doing so. If we do, then we’ve accomplished our mission of  “Helping find the  missing needle in the haystack!”

We welcome your comments and discussion and are open to suggestions as to how we can make this place better for  all who come here!

I invite you to contact me directly at 902-841-0018 or email